Online Education Creates Endless Opportunities

The way that the world is evolving today is based around modern technology.  It is obvious that we live in a day and age where more and more things are becoming more obsolete every day due to the new advancements in computing, programming, communication, and now education as well.  People are now comfortably familiar with electronics and are using the Internet on a daily basis.  When you can integrate the way that you learn by using this technology, you are not only expanding your knowledge but you are actually creating numerous advantages for yourself that you may not immediately be aware of.

Take accessibility as an example.  Ok sure, some people enjoy a classroom setting and find it easier to listen to a professor physically teaching them their courses because it is about 10-15 hours a week where they can be dialled in and obtain their information.  That is fair.  However you can not take your professor home with you and when it comes down to an exam period you are extremely dependant on your own notes.  Now if you take good notes then good for you; but would it not be more of a luxury of having pre-made notes and lectures with you from your professor?  It makes more sense to have this 24/7 access to your knowledge because all of the material you need can be right in front of you already and you can create your own time managed variables.

Online education can also teach one’s self-reliance and individualism.  Some people who choose to be more independent and decide that they are bored to death from listening to lectures and note taking for an extended period of time can benefit more from using online resources.  One can easily teach themselves their material if their strength is learning visually or through repetition.  Some professors have even gone towards online auditory lectures so that they can still teach by recording themselves with their students watching them.

It has also been proven that online education is much more cost efficient than classroom teaching; which honestly makes a lot of sense.  Electronic textbooks are saving trees but in essence are also saving money when you do not have to print out $200 hard copies to students.  Obtaining information from online courses and programs is far more affordable and sometimes can even be free of charge.  Some courses that you take online may not even cost you a cent; you may or may not receive a certificate for learning this material however in the end it really comes down to what information you are able to bring in and what advantages that come from this content.



Norman, S. (2016, March 08). 5 Advantages Of Online Learning: Education Without Leaving Home. Retrieved March 06, 2017, from


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