Online Education Can Be Used to Increase Enrolment Rates

Many educational institutions have begun to offer a greater number of courses through online education. The main reason is to attract more students to enroll. These institutions have begun to realize the reasons behind why online education attracts new and incumbent students. The main reasons are not having to physically be at school in order to learn, have access to anything course related as long as internet activity is available, gives students more time which allows them to study when, allows students to save money by not having to pay for other compulsory fees that they would otherwise have to pay if they attended the school such as a parking pass and how they want to and last but not least, it decreases the stress that many students have.

All these reasons are very appealing to people like stay at home mothers who cannot leave their children alone to go to school, or someone who may have to travel somewhere afar and cannot attend classes, or even someone that cannot study in a class room and is a better learner through online visuals and examples. All these reasons become viable when the school makes online education available. All of the sudden, the institutions notice an increase in enrollment rates, which begs the question, is the strategy of investing in online education a profitable one for both students and institution?

That question can be answered by looking at some statistics. One out of four students has taken an online class while 5.8 million students taking courses online and 2.85 million of those 5.8 million are taking a semester composed of all online courses. This can especially be seen in private non-for-profit institutions as they noticed an 11.3% increase in enrolment in 2015. A study done in San Antonio backed that theory as it was stated that enrolment rates increased for all 2 year institutions that made online education available. They all noticed a 4.7% increase from fall 2013 to fall 2014.

Using the reasons behind why people are increasingly interested in online education should tell the institutions that it not only profits them from an increase in enrolment rates, but also helps people finish school faster through online education and for some, it is an opportunity to get back into school as they have been left out due to reasons that they cannot control. Of course as more institutions offer online education, the enrolment rate will start to settle and not fluctuate as much as it is now, but the rewards will be shared across all institutions who offer an online education.



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