The Advantages & Benefits of Online Education

Based on statistics, online education is a growing interest in students throughout high schools and universities. There are many reasons why this is true, and most of them are related to the countless advantages it provides.

  1. Taking classes online provides students with flexibility to do there work where/when they want as long as deadlines are being met (“StaffWriters, 2012). Students are able to be more mobile while not missing anything that they would normally be missing if they were taking an in-class class. You can complete homework on vacation, or even if you’re sick you have the option of completing assignments, or listen to lectures from the comfort of your own home. This is accommodating to many people, and in result they made end with a higher mark than being in an actual classroom.


  1. Another advantage of online schooling is the visual aspect of it. A good handful of students are visual learners. Sitting in a class and listen to a professor talk for 70 minutes might not be as beneficial as seeing power points posted online or listening to a pre-recorded lecture that you can rewind in case you missed something. Like Bill Keller states in his peer-reviewed journal, “One style, like lectures and exams, cannot fit all students; there is much evidence to show that this model is one of the least effective ways to learn” (Keller, 2011). Online education provides visual learners with more of the resources they need in order to be successful in a course.


  1. A third advantage of online education is becoming familiar with the new technologies. Many teachers and professors are using the Internet to provide students with content or a way of submitting assignments. Through online courses, you get a good idea of how this works and it prepares you for what the future may hold in respects to majority of school being done online.


  1. Online education is beneficial to athletes or team members who are away more than the average student. It provides them with the opportunity to catch up on the work while on the road, or some times even complete it ahead of time if the assignments are posted far enough in advance. Some athletes for example OHL (Ontario Hockey League) players only take online schooling. Their schedules are too busy and they are not home enough to attend a university, therefore having classes online prevents them from having to take 4-5 years off of school. If you are an athlete in Windsor or even just a regular student living in Windsor, you can be enrolled in online classes for schools all over the world if you really wanted to. For examples, some of the hockey players who play in Windsor may be students at the Western University or University or Toronto.

With all these advantages and benefits, it’s easy to understand why online education is become increasingly more popular as time goes on.

Watch the following video to learn more about how Bill Gates believes online courses can radically improve education by 2030 –> Click here

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